Do you want to know Who Created The Dark Web? And What is Dark Web? And How to Enter in Dark Web World? And More Information About Dark Web. So that’s why I am Saying here I will give you complete information related to Dark Web. So to know this article from the beginning to the last well, because I have Who Created the Dark Web?

The Internet has made your and our lives much easier and simpler or has changed our lives completely. Here you get information of everything from Job to Banking as soon as you blink. Do you know that the Internet that you have been almost Addicted to has a Dark Side?

You must have opened Unlimited Websites in Internet, when you are searching for something and it will be found. But some information that you are looking for in Google, then you do not get any result for that.

Where even your small mistake can implicate you in any heavy problem. Yes, on this article we will talk about the Dark Web. And I will tell you who created the Dark Web? And what is Dark Web? And what has happened? And why the more you stay away from it, the better for you?

Who Created The Dark Web?

After listening to the name of Syed Dark Web, you will be raha. But this is not exactly the case. Actually, we work on Dark Web Onion Routine Technical which was developed by American Nevi for their government in 1990. It was used to send important documents and papers of government. So that we saved them from being Hack or Leak. For this, a Particular Browser was developed which runs on Onion Routing Tecnic.

It was named as Onion because it has many Layers on the Onion Like Data VPN from Dark Web and Bounce through all things. It is best to do the Dark Web to access it because nobody can be tracked and onion Routing Technic does.

Dark Web is a virtual world that you stay away from. Because if you go here, then it will not be anyone but the biggest account. Here the hackers are sitting about who are looking for the victim. With your one click, all your private data, informations can be removed.

Types Of Web

The easier you understand Intranet,the easier it is. Rather much more complimented than that. Internet or Web is divided into three parts. Such as: –

1. Surface Web
2. Deep Web
3. Dark Web


What is Surface Web?

The way you access the Internet is only 4% of the entire Internet and it is called Surface Web. That is, whatever you search on Google and YouTube and the content you see on millions of websites, all of them come in this 4%.

Because Google works within the scope of law. What is Surface Web? You have understood this and give an information that if you search a thing in Google, if a page opens a blank page, that is, it may be that information has been removed from the surface web by requesting from Google. Let us now look at the deep web and know that What is Deep Web?

What is Deep Web?

Then come Deep Web. Internet has potions that are hidden inside the search engine. Here are such websites that you will not find on Google and any search engine. Such as your bank details, private data of a company, secret information of government. To access it, you will need a separate link and User Name and Password. And no such person can reach here.

What is Dark Web?

Number 3 is the dark web. A Internet is the underworld and here most of the Illegal work is done. Which you cannot think. A is the part of Internet where Sharks turn around and people become their prey. Here there are such websites and links that you cannot open on your browser. Dark Web Sites are just a few of the special browsers that are using the Mask Ip Address. So that visitors are not identified and cannot track them.

What is the size of Dark Web?

The Surface Web is quite large and has a consistent size. According to a research done in 2001, University of California has about 7500 Terabytes of Informations available on the Dark Web while on Surface Web there are about 19 Terabytes of Informations. Means about 400 times more informations.

And in the last 2 years Of 1000 times. The information that the Dark Web has on your 60 Websites and on our Websites is only on those 60 Websites. Whatever you do on the Internet, only 0.3% of the Internet searches. Guess it, how big is the Dark Web?

What happens on the Dark Web?

Dark Web Internet is the underworld of the world and this space is used to make Criminals folk Illegal work. Here any country has its own Passport, Yours and our Credit and Debit Card Details, Drugs, Illegal Weapons, Guns, Fraud, Contact Killers, Fake Currencies and also more things.

Last year there was a report, according to which all the details of about 1.3 million Credit and Debit Cards of the people of India are available on the Dark Web. And All Details are sold at $100 price.

Some Dark Web Browsers

  • The Tor Browser
  • Subgraph OS Browser
  • Waterfox Browser
  • ISP – Invisible Internet Project
  • Whonix Browser
  • Tails – The Amnesic Incognito Live System


So there is only one Advice for you, you should always stay away from dark web things because your one mistake can put you in love for us. So, I pray to friends, you will have everything in society. I here you,Who Created the Dark Web? And What is Dark Web? All things are explained in details. If you like it, then definitely comment us and share it with your friends. So friends, you should be the last to speak in the last, but always stay away from the Dark Web.