Music has become an intrinsic part of our lives. For many people across the world, not a single day passes by when they don’t listen to music. The ratio is slightly lopsided towards youngsters especially folks going to schools and colleges who love to stream their favourite music day in and day out. It is also one of the perfect solutions to motivate yourself to complete the unfinished homework or handle project works with ease.

Downloading the preferred music albums on phone definitely takes a lot of time and thus music streams are preferred by nearly every users all over the world. There are lots of music streaming applications that can stream any music you want from any language, region, artist, movies or albums. But most of those sites are often restricted by the school networks which limits the availability of such sites and application. However, there are many other popular Free unblocked music sites for schools and colleges that are still available on school networks and can be used without any flaw in them.

To solve this problem, we are here with the top 10 free unblocked music sites.

Here we have compiled the best 10 free unblocked music sites that allows you to listen to your fav music, download it and enjoy while completing another task. We have countless free music unblocked websites available on the internet and to get best out of all we are here. So let’s start.

  1. Jamendo


If you are looking for one single place for the best music which caters to your favourite genres, Jamendo is the right stop for all your favourite songs. t is a collective of music lovers from around the world where you can download music for free with reckless abandon.

Not only it you can download the music but you can also stream online and share your music with other users and quickly see spike in your popularity. The best part is, Jamendo can be accessed at school, college or work for free without any blockage.

  1. Grooveshark


The list of unblocked music websites remains incomplete without Grooveshark as it is one the popular site on the internet in this category. From the huge database, users can access the one that they look for without spending any money. You can find music based on artist, genre, album and more.

To use the site, the user needs to create an account, and once you are done with it, you can enjoy the music of your choice. Users can also create their own playlist. So with a single click explore your favorite songs and play on the device

  1. Slacker Radio


This website doesn’t need any introductions. Ever since its inception in 2007, Slacker has established itself as one of the best free unblocked music websites and apps for school, college and work. You can personalize hundreds of radio stations and create eclectic playlists replete with your favourite tracks and bands

Slacker Radio is available for free on play store, app store, windows store. Better still, you can create new playlists based on your current mood and get unhindered access to millions of songs, and albums any time.

  1. Playlist Sound

PlaylistSound is one of the known unblocked music websites available on the web. With a clean and attractive user interface, it enables users to go through the pages with ease. From the old as well as new artist and albums, one can stream their favorite music for free.

Users can find the preferred music as per genre, album, movie, song and more. An integrated media player helps the users to improve the user experience for free.

  1. Hulk Share

This site is getting popular rapidly as the perfectly suited music sites for school and the reason for its listing in the top 10 unblocked music sites for school is one can connect with the artist through this music social network. Moreover, you can also connect with the people having the same taste as you, share your thoughts and even promote your own music on this social network. Apart from that, you can also join music groups containing music lovers and artists. It is totally free and is easily accessible in schools.


SongArea means serious business when it comes to accessing free music 24X7. You can instantly find and download trending and new songs on the website without any fuss. Interestingly, SongArea is not actually a music site by itself, it actually squares up as a proxy site that hosts songs and videos from a plethora of music sites on the internet to cater to the needs of the music lovers seeking free and affordable music.

  1. Bluebeat


With an extensive library of free music, BlueBeat is another delight for music lovers of all hues. You can easily sift through tracks from almost any genre on this website as well as enjoy high-quality music. What’s more, BlueBeat works as social network for music lovers where you can instantly follow your friends or other’s user’s music playlists.

Users can also create a playlist as per whim or search for trending songs.

It also doubles up as a great site for accessing a huge collection of 3D songs for free.

  1. FreeZiki


Wanna enjoy unabashed hip hop and trap music at work, college or school without paying a dime? FreeZiki is a massively popular website boasting a rich database of songs, albums, and discographies. The interface is appealing to the eye as well as pretty smooth and responsive too for extended navigation.

  1. Sound Cloud


Soundcloud is known to have the largest library of music genres as well as additional features. Being even completely unblocked music sites at school, it has tons of features and never-ending music streams of selected music from every song till date. It can be completely customizable features with social media aspects and favorable network with some quite a great selection of music to share. Although a free account is needed to be created, it has a number of music and you can also see what your friends are listening from that site.

  1. SoundzAbound


This renowned music site is specially designed for the school networks. It is very likely to use the sites at any educational institutions and is unbound to all other rules that restrict to the use of music site in schools. It is also more of an educational supportive site that can be used in music classes for comprehensive and high-quality music categorized in different genres. Its user-friendly interface and filters to apply the music to enhance the experience make one of the most preferred unblocked music sites at school, colleges, and universities.