If you are a Kodi app user, then we are sure that you would always like to add more Video add-ons to watch live streaming movies or web series. Almost every kodi user would have various other video add-ons to watch online streaming content like TV shows, Sports, Movies etc. When you try to open some of your favourite videos like Tv shows or movies from Exodus which is one of the best Kodi add-ons then it will give a list of servers which are available to stream your favourite videos.
You may or may not noticed Openload in that list of servers which are available. When you click on the openload server to stream your favourite videos. First a pop up notification will appear which asks for openload pairing. The Pairing of Openload Server is nothing but an authorization of your favourite videos streaming which is provided by or

Important point: moved to So there is no seperate procedure for
If there is any kodi error then there is no need to worry. You can fix these type of errors by yourself easily by following our methods further to stream your favourite videos. You could easily fix any type of error related to streaming with server. This kodi error will be solved in just two minutes with below mentioned easy methods.
Each time when you have to pair with the Open load server or olpair, it won’t take much time for pairing process and once you pair with openload you could have pairing access atleast for 4 hours so that there is no need to pair each and every time to watch multiple videos.
Of Course you could always go back and click cancel button and choose any other host from the list of servers, but we always recommend the olpair or openload server links as they are very trustworthy servers.

The Procedure to Kodi https // /pair or is as follows:

Play any of the TV show or movie on your kodi app, and from the list of servers when you click on the Olpair Openload or video link, A pop up will appear on your screen which show following message as:
To Play the video, your authorization is needed
1. Visit the below link to authorize all the devices which are on your Network.
2. For pix Openload pair Open this Http:// then you should follow below step without fail.
3. Then, you could notice one check box (that contain text like (I am Not Robot).
4. Then tick mark the check box.
5. Once you complete the above step, you could open your movie or Tv show, which plays for you without any error.

Monetization is the main reason behind this pop up message. The host will force you to visit their webpage where they will show you many other ads. This is a solution that openload team found which is termed as win-win between the user and openload or olpair team. This will make Openload or olpair team to give the services to the users without any fail. They are also very good at updating the latest movies and TV shows by stream authorization on your devices.

The server or olpair server provides an outstanding performance to their users which gives a reliable streaming with more speed when compared to remaining host servers. The Stream authorization process with the server will only take a mindblowing 15 seconds and once it is connected it will stay up to minumum of 4 hours at least.

Follow these below instructions which are only available on this site to know more about the openload pairing with a live experience. For this you need to go through the above given url in your browser search bar.

Tap on the check box available right behind that there is a text saying “I am not a robot” & then click on “Pair” on the right top corner.

Then your video which is selected by you will start playing on your kodi device and then you could able to see the olpair links or openload links for the next 4 hours on your phone.

You could also notice many other similar to the pair links like

You could also bookmark the above links on your smarphone devices or any other devices to watch the videos to save your time in typing the web url each and every time again and again.

Important Points:
Any user if you would like to pair openload in a PC or laptop then you should make sure that you have already installed a best adblocker extension on your browser before starting the process of pairing of openload.

Need of Openload Pairing or Olpair?

To gain more knowledge on Openload pairing or, first you need to know that the is a server for the host of Tv shows or movies or whatever the media related content you would need. As you could notice disappear of torrentz from the internet , the demand for the Online media streaming like TV series, movies and many more increased. So to stay away from the server crashing errors the stream authorization concept is introduced.
For this you would need to pair your network which is Internet Protocol Address with the help of which is also called as Once you are done with the process of pairing with your network. You could easily enjoy the Streaming of online media content like your favourite movies or tv shows atleast for 4 hours continously. After the particular duration is finished you would need to pair it again with the olpair server or any other require host.

Kodi Openload Pair Details(https // /pair) or

Openload is termed as the best and longer staying online media streaming host in kodi with great consistency. Due to its reliability and fastest speed among the similar types of online streaming host it gained huge popularity among kodi app users.

What to do If Using Firestick or TV Box?

There is no need to worry if you are using Tv box, Firestick or any other similar apps, the only problem in these apps is you find difficulty to visit the or but we are here to help you. You could do openload pairing through the other connected device. The most important thing that you should always keep in your mind is the device is connected to the same IP address with the Firestic Tv.
you could use the browser from any device which is connected to your network like PC, laptop or smartphone and you should visit the or Once you complete the process of openload pairing the stream authorization will don’t show the pop ups for atleast next 4 hours on the Firestic TV. After 4 hours if you get the pop up again then you should repeat the process again. and Pair Stream Authorization: and is similar to openload so it need pairing for the stream authorization process which is similar kind of process which we have done with the openload or
Visit the web url as: for Server for Server

How to use Openload co: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners(2020)

In this guide we are going deep inside the world of Online media content streaming especially from the Openload co point of view.

Starting from the absolute basics, we will be guiding you through How to use Openload, and we would like to educate you people more on openload seriesopenload downloader, Openload moviesOpenload tv showsopenload adblockopenload subtitles and openload app and many more things regarding openload.

With a very deep research on openload co we compiled this step-by-step guide, even a non technical guy will learn something new from this article.

Let’s begin…

What is

The main theme of is to give any type of users the chance to share any type of online media content file at free of cost. With the use of sharing files to anyone online made effortless as you people never imagined before. Primary Philosophy

To share the files online to their users for absolutely free of cost.

They don’t want you to irritate with the crapy ads and also they want to show limited numbers of ads to survive.

They give direct access/stream for their users for the most codecs/filetypes. is very popular because of their simplicity  their main motive is just upload the files and share the files without any limitations!

Important Point: There are no premium features – Just use for free of cost.

Though is very popular and easy to use still many users have some common questions. We are here to give answers to your questions. Just go through below points.

1 )What type of file can we upload?

You could upload any type of files you want. offer the possibility of streaming directly for some popular codecs/filetypes. Actually would support the following codes/filetypes for streaming.

=> Audio: WAV-PCM, WebM Opus; WebM Vorbis; Ogg Opus; AAC; MP3

=> Video: Ogg Theora; WebM; MP4

=> Docs: html; php; txt

2 ) What is the maximum file size to upload any files in

1GB is the maximum file size to upload any file. But you could upload up to 10GB without any restrictions if you let team to convert them.

3 ) Do have any download speed limitations?

Currently do not have any download speed limitations.

4 ) How long do host any files?

Generally streamable files would be deleted after 60 days of duration and non streamable files would be deleted after 30 days of duration.

Openload Videos and Openload Streaming

Under Openload videos and Openload Streaming we have many sub categories like Openload Movies and Openload Tv Series. The main intention of the Openload videos and Openload streaming is to provide or stream any type of movie or tv show of user choice but hard part here is where to get the openload movies  and Openload series links. We got a solution for your problem. For Openload movies and Openload TV series just trust the website called

Openlaod TV Shows

Openload tv shows are similar to openload tv series if you would like to any tv shows or tv series on openload you can rely on websites like or

Openload Hindi Movies

Many users have a question in their mind that where to get openload hindi movies links because in openload movies we mostly get English movies or English Tv series but many users unable to get openload hindi movies links.But we have the solution for this just copy paste this link on your browser “” so that you could enjoy the openload hindi movies without any interruption.

Openload Telugu Movies

As we mentioned already regional language openloaders face a problem called they don’t find their language movies in openload but that is not true. Openload has every language movies but to find those openload links is the hard part and in this category Openload Telugu movies falls as Telugu is a regional language which has limited user base. But we found the solution for this  so there is no need to worry about Openload Telugu Movies.

Just copy paste this link on your browser when you open  this link you could see the list of telugu movies select your favorite telugu movie for that you should click on that movie then you redirected to another page where you could see many buttons called watch now. play now, download now but you should click on watch online now by this action you are redirected to your favorite openload telugu movie where you can watch the complete movie for free of cost.

Another way to get openload telugu movies links is, in your browser type “movierulz” on your google search bar then 10 results are displayed but open the first result where you are taken to movierulz site there you could see the Telugu category click on that then you could see the list of telugu movies then select your favourite telugu movie then list of server links are displayed there you could see beside movie name – openload click on that link. Hurray now you could enjoy openload telugu movies very easily.

Openload Anime

As a increased demand from the anime lovers many people started uploading anime movies, anime series in openload but the problem is to find the exact openload anime links but as expected don’t worry about that we are here to help you in every situation regarding

Just copy past this link “” on your browser where you could see your favourite anime movies, anime tv shows. Best part of the Openload Anime is you could watch your favouite anime movie or tv show in hd.

Openload Subtitles

We think every one is enjoying watching their favorite videos on but when you want to watch a movie or tv show with subtitles then many users don’t know how to switch on subtitles on openload player. But we are here to help you people in this situation, when you watch any movie on openload player online below the video you could notice a button called “cc” Just click on that if that movie has inbuilt captions just click on the button captions off so that it will turn on captions on so that you could see the subtitle when you are watching the video on When you don’t have the inbuilt captions you need to download your video srt or vtt file from the internet which are easily available and you have a option called load srt/vtt from your pc and just upload that srt/vtt file  and you are done now you could see the video with openoad subtitles. Else you also have another option to load srt/vtt file from a url and these urls also easily available in online. We hope that we solved your openload subtitles.