Do you want to reduce the risk of falling and slipping in your bathroom and make it safer than before? Toilet safety rails are your savior here! These rails are recommended by doctors for sick people like medical equipment. If you want to install one in your bathroom, you have to know about how to install these rails properly.

You could buy the best toilet safety rails from any local medical equipment stores or eStores. The steps about installing the rails are given below.

Tools and supplies:

  1. Toilet safety rails
  2. Philips head screwdriver

Step 1: Assemble the safety rails:

You have to mount the rails to your toilet. So, catch the mountain bracket from the safety rail kit. You would need to notice the holes of the toilet seat as well as in your rail for bolts to mount them with your toilet seat. Get two rails for your bathroom. The rails should have changeable leg height. It is important because each toilet has different heights. The front piece is the arm and the back piece would mount to the mounting bracket. You have to install the mount bracket with the arm piece. There you would find different holes to position them differently according to the space and size.

Step 2: Removing the toilet seat:

Now it is time to remove your toilet seat. You have to lose the nuts and remove bolts that are located on the back of your toilet. Lift off the toilet seat of the bowl.

Step 3: installing the mount bracket and safety rails:

You would find holes of the bolts on the backside of the bowl. You have to place the toilet mounting bracket there and line it up pretty close.

Step 4: Adjusting leg height:

Adjust the height according to the height of your toilet. If you have a tall toilet, adjust the legs height a little longer. Because you need to put your arms a bit upper from the toilet seat.

Step 5: installing the seat over the safety rails:

Fix the toilet seat on top of the mount bracket and line up all the holes. Set the bolts back in the holes of the toilet seat. Tighten them by using screwdrivers and nuts. After replacing flaps on the bolts, test the stability of the seat. Now your safety rails are perfectly ready and could hold about 300 pounds of load.


Toilet safety rails are available in different materials like aluminum, plastic, brass, galvanized tubing or stainless steel in the market. The area of the toilet remains wet most often and you have to choose the rail material by keeping this in mind that the rail shouldn’t rust in wet areas. Moreover, some materials are not suitable in cold or very hot environments. You could grab the aluminum or stainless steel rails for your toilet. To avoid safety threats, you could choose aluminum rails.

Reasons for using toilet safety rails:

  1. The people who are experiencing joint or back problems, sitting or getting up from the toilet may be difficult for them. Toilet safety rails could be a great help for them.
  2. It may happen that you are having good health but your knees cause problems for you most often. Safety rails could lessen your pain.
  3. Fat people face more stress on the joint or back and the weight of the body makes it hard for you to sit and stand comfortably. These rails could be useful equipment for you.
  4. The long term illness makes your body less active and weak. Toilet safety rails could give you relief.
  5. Old people find difficulties in using the bathroom. Your aging parents could get up easily using the arm of the safety rail.
  6. Toilet safety rails play an important role for helping the handicapped person. Doctors also require them to use the safety rails.
  7. It is not for sick or ill people only, it could prevent falling and slipping in the toilet for normal people so that you would not injure yourself.

I hope that the article will help you to make your toilet safer than before. You should check the safety rails regularly for insecure attachment or any marks of rusting. Keep it clean always because the rails could contain germs from your hands. Remember one thing that- safety comes first!