With the advancement in SEO tools, the web content creation industry has transformed. A lot of human sources are being replaced by online tools that are either very cheap or available for free. It has its benefits and drawbacks. We will discuss on such tool today. It is called the article rewriter. Let us find understand what it is, how it is transforming the content creation industry and how to use one.

What is an article rewriter?

Traditionally, content is created by writing. It is created by a person who puts in effort for its research, writing, editing and publishing. Ideas are generated either from one’s mind or by referring the other sources. Each piece of content is unique. This does not mean that two write up don’t share the same information but that no pieces of content will ever be 100% same. That is 100% uniqueness. However, there is only so much information to deliver on the internet. With the number of content creators we have today on the web, tons of content is published on a daily basis. Most of this content is not 100% unique. It is created through an article rewriter. While our focus for this blog post is the online automated article rewriter, it is important to understand that article rewriter can be both automated and manual. Manual article rewriter is a person. It is a person you hire to recreate content that already exists. Just by rephrasing the content, a new post is created in much less time. If a new blog post takes a writer 2 hours, rewriting the same post should last 20- 30 minutes. It saves that much time. On the other hand, automated rewriter is an online tool that recreates the content for you. This does not even take a couple of minutes. Amazing huh? But wait, there is more to the story.

Why is article rewriter used?

If you have been working in the SEO industry, you would know that plagiarism is a plague. Not only does it do wrong to original content creators, it leads to consequences that are not apparent at first but can hurt in the future painfully. This means that your website can be shut down. You can be taken to the court for this. Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s content. It is when you pass someone else’s ideas as your own. It is faking or equivalent to stealing. Just like physical property, intellectual property is also owned by people. With search engines however, the only way to detect plagiarism is when the content is the same. If you are using a rewriter tool, it is not that easy for search engines to detect.

Likewise, article rewriters save a lot of time. Regardless of whether you decide to hire a manual writer or you use an automated rewriter, it saves you a lot of time when compared with the time it takes to create a new blog post for your blog.

Is manual article rewriter better than automated article rewriter?

Precisely, the answer is yes. But this does not mean that both of them don’t have their own pros and cons. A manual article rewriter requires a pay. You need to have a budget to have an article rewriter onboard. But when the article is rewritten like that, the content is always 100% unique. It is the same as a new blog post. This is a huge benefit over automated article rewriter that manual article rewriter has. On the other hand, an automated article rewriter has more chances of getting caught for plagiarism. Since a software creates content, it often times does not make sense. Even though the content will be grammatically correct, it will be out of context. This is the one part that you need to risk. If you want, you can find a better article rewriter that is automated and also requires a charge. It will be better than the free one but that does not ensure 100% uniqueness either. But an automated article rewriter is free, available online and does not take a lot of your time.

How does an automated article rewriter recreate content?

Content recreation is all about paraphrasing. It is about reading a piece of blog post and thinking of a new way to deliver the same message. This ability is lacked by the machines. This is why they function by using a few techniques. Automated article rewriters function by replacing words by their synonyms. If a blog post starts from one idea and jumps to fifth idea by the end of the paragraph, the automated article rewriter will begin with the third idea and then add the rest. This is one of the ways to recreate content so that it does not qualify for plagiarism. Sentence structure is changed and everything.

How to use an article rewriter tool?

To use an article rewriter tool, you first need to find an online tool that works to your liking. Find yourself a tool that works great with the content that you want to recreate. Then on the tool, there will be an option to either upload or copy and share the content you want to recreate. This tool is also known by the names of spinner tool and paraphrasing tool. Just hit and give the tool a few moments. Your content will be shared with you in the results.