Remote Desktop Access is a great way to keep in touch with the files on your desktop and manage them from any possible location and also to help your acquaintances with troubleshooting their issues remotely.Also for Software developers, remote desktops software are a great way to speed up the deployments. Data centers are remotely configured using remote desktop programs and are the norm in industrial software.

While the upsides to the remote desktop are too great to be ignored, the ideal tools are needed to associate with your friends and family safe and secured.

Whilst Teamviewer is a useful tool for getting started on the remote desktop computer, it doesn’t supply the simplicity and durability expected from such a tool. Security is one main concern which causes most users to flock away from Teamviewer, if not properly configured. Your system is right put in danger if the average user does not configure the settings with this tool appropriately.

10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives

1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is a free feature built into the Microsoft Windows Operating System. This setting can be accessed in the computer’s System settings, located from the control panel. The router of the distant PC has to be hauled to the port 3389 to direct it to a PC. Multiple PC controllers at a time aren’t something that this instrument is capable of. This nifty tool is very good for users beginning out on Remote desktop customers and don’t wish to install any extra software to get the job done.

The application is straightforward, easy-to-use and comes built-in with your edition of Windows OS makes this instrument a great fit for beginners and dabblers, beginning out on Remote desktop applications. If you are looking to some less bloated remote desktop Remote Desktop Connection is your very best choice.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac OS X

Price: Free, Built into Windows Professional, Ultimate and Business versions.

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Developed by LogMeIn, is a superior remote desktop service that lets business run remote meetings, with individuals located anywhere around the world. Their instant screen sharing tool offers a better method for meetings along with the paid versions offers up to 250 participants to join the meeting and a presenter swap lets individuals share their viewpoints across the attendees.

If you are running a business or even for different purposes you need to collaborate with individuals, is a terrific remote management tool that you can use. A quick, simple and far better way to connect and socialize with individuals remotely is what is about.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac OS X.

Pricing: Free for Basic VoIP, $ 15/mo for Pro plan and $19/mo for Enterprise plans with premium meetings and advanced management.

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3. Splashtop

Splashtop offers paid and free remote desktop alternatives for individuals and companies alike. You can use the application for Free if you’re using it for personal purposes on up to computers. Setting up the tool in your Windows or Mac and accessing remotely within your Android or iOS-based cellular phone is exactly what Splashtop achieves pretty spectacularly. There is minimal latency on video and audio streaming, so that makes it simpler for you to also enjoy your media remotely.

If you’re using the remote desktop solution primarily for accessing media and for little of troubleshooting functions, Splashtop will make a great remote desktop company. The expertise provided by Splashtop in Remote desktop accessing is pretty amazing and its secured cross-platform support, using a minimum cost makes it among the better Teamviewer Alternatives.

Supported Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Pricing: Free for 6 months, $1.99/mo after that (Individual use); $60/yr per user for Businesses.

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4. Chrome Remote Desktop

Another among those Teamviewer alternatives is that does away with the need of installing a software is the Google Remote desktop application. This free tool is available as an extension for Google Chrome browser, accessible on any operating system operating it. The add-on lets users remotely access any background and its contents directly in their browser.

If you’re trying to find remote desktop software without even the demand for leaving your web browser, this nifty add-on will fetch you the work done. Setting up is easy and the add-on prices nothing in addition to supplying an easy-to-use installation for accessing your remote desktop linked.

Supported browser: Google Chrome

Pricing: Free

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5. Mikogo

Although priced a bit heavily for company users, Mikogo is a fantastic premium tool for companies and individuals with commercial purposes. The application is completely browser-based without the need for plugin or software installations. Lots of features are what Mikogo comes packed together with. The cross-platform tool is excellent for remote service, conferences/meetings, and other remote desktop purposes.

This heavily featured tool also comes with VoIP chat protocol in addition to the earlier mentioned host of features with it. Opening your browser up and getting started using it’s made easier without even the need for installing any plugin or application.

Supported Platforms: Browser-based – Works on PC, Mac, Linux, iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices.

Pricing: $13/mo for 3 participants, $19/mo for 25 participants, $39/mo for 25 participants & unlimited hosts and $78/mo for 25 participants with 3 session channels.

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Here we arrive at the end of the listing of best TeamViewer alternatives for the remote desktop sharing. Perhaps you have missed some of your preferred remote desktop application? Don’t hesitate to talk about your own ideas and experiences with all these sites like TeamViewer tools in the remarks section below.

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