It becomes annoying when you are unable to find stamp anywhere and you keep on thinking where to buy postage stamps. Sometimes I wonder where I can buy stamps? Then I got to know that there are many websites where I can easily buy stamps online for letter mailings. Various postal departments around the globe sell their stamps online as well. Like eBay facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. In eBay, you can find old and rare stamps but the problem with eBay is that you cannot find the exact value of the stamps as some sellers sell the stamps at a higher rate than the actual value of the stamps.

A postage stamp acts as a proof that you have paid for your mailing services and a stamp is a small piece of paper which is displayed on the item of the mail and it plays a crucial role as.

Where I Can Buy Stamps?

United States Postal Service also provides stamps online where you can buy and they provide service right to your door. For that you have to visit their website and can buy stamps. Here are some places where you can easily find stamps.


It’s an obvious thing that you have heard about Walmart and many big cities and towns have Walmart store. Walmart is a store where I can find stamps easily and this store is open right around the clock. So, you can buy stamps here. Walmart is the right place where I can find writing paper, an envelope or some wrapping paper too.


Banks are opened for specific hours and they don’t provide 24*7 service as their working hours are limited and you can find banks anywhere now days like towns, cities and villages. Bank does not provide other things that you might need like to send a card or letter to someone. It definitely sells stamps.

A Gas stations

Unlike banks, gas stations usually open for more hours than banks as many gas stations open all day and all night. Many of the gas stations sell stamps only few gas stations do not sell stamps so, it depends upon the individual gas stations that whether they want to sell the stamps or not.


It is not necessary that all pharmacy deals in selling stamps. Only few pharmacies carry stamps such as Walgreens, RiteAid and CVS should be able to help you. These pharmacies carry variety of stamps so these all pharmacies are the right choices for you.


ATM is the abbreviation of Automated teller machine which is now used by most of the people for performing the financial transactions from their respective accounts. ATM is a new development and now a day most of the people visit ATM once or twice a week and you can find stamps here as well. You can buy stamps at many of the newer ATMs not al the ATMs provide stamps.

Office Supplies

Now office retail suppliers sell stamps so it is quite easy to get stamps from them. And they provide various variety of stamps.

Grocery stores

Big grocery store, as well as small grocery stores, carry stamps where you can buy stamps easily and it is not necessary that small grocery stores have stamps so you can ask them for arranging stamps for your need. Through this, you can easily.


Amazon is an American electronic commerce and it is the largest internet retailer in the world. Also, Amazon not only deals with electronic items and books it also deals with numerous items. Stamps are also available on Amazon but here you have to buy stamps by the sheet as you cannot buy one or two at the same time. When you purchase stamps, the prices are more or less. So, one can find stamps easily on Amazon without any kind of problem. So there are a lot of alternative options for buying stamps if the post office is shut you can try Walmart and if your local Walmart is closed then try to buy from gas stations, grocery store etc.

After knowing that where you can easily get stamps such as Walmart, Banks, gas stations, Amazon, and other retailers then the next question arises that how much stamps cost? Different stamp prices are different and also the cost of the stamps depends on the destination of the mail. Heavier and high value of things cost higher. International stamps are costlier than the domestic stamps, therefore, domestic stamps are cheaper than the international stamps such as first-class mails are costlier than the domestic mails.