YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world, no doubt about that, but It is not the only place to upload and watch videos online, you will find other good options also which frequently gets ignored because YouTube takes a huge chunk of share in regards to online broadcasting and publishing of videos.

Looking at the options, below are some of the very best video sites like YouTube, where you can either upload or see videos, test them out.

List of YouTube Alternatives

#1 DailyMotion

Concerning users, DailyMotion is the 2nd largest online video website on earth. With over 112 million unique visitors, DailyMotion presents huge potential for the own video to go viral and hit millions of individuals.

The port of the site is quite like that which YouTube used to seem like previously. You may see trending videos onto the site along with a search bar on very top.

To upload the videos, just register for a watch on DailyMotion with any legitimate email id and begin uploading.

  • Maximum allowable uploading size of any video is 60 minutes in length and 4 Gb in size with a resolution of HD 1080p.

To remove the limitation of size or amount of movie, you’ll need to register for MotionMaker accounts, which can be free of charge. You may find additional information about MotionMaker accounts.

You could even make money out of the movie but for that, you’ll need to be the portion of DailyMotion OpenVOD program.

#2 Vimeo

Following DailyMotion, next to the Listing is Vimeo. The port of the site is quite beautiful. On the site, you will notice an enormous sign-up form and if you scroll down, then you’ll discover a few excellent videos handpicked by the team.

  • Using free accounts, you can upload 500 Mb of articles each week. You may upload numerous movies and of any length, however, the weekly articles should not exceed 500 Mb.
  • For updating the limitation around 5 Gb each week, go with all the paid program beginning at 9.95 USD a month.
  • Along with the PRO program with limitation around 20 Gb, a week is charged yearly just, 199 USD each year.

This place is much more valuable for acute movie founders and If you’re among these, take a look at this wonderful location.

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#3 Flickr

Flickr is majorly used for hosting images but It also lets users upload and share videos, plenty of individuals are not aware of the actuality.

For uploading a movie, sign up for your free account and start uploading movies in precisely the exact same manner as you upload images on Flickr. You can upload videos in HD quality too.

Flickr free account includes 1 Tb memory and expert account comes with unlimited storage space, free from advertisements and supplies comprehensive stats.

Features wise there’s not much to check into Flickr when it comes to videos.

#4 Veoh

Veoh is an excellent option for YouTube. You may upload movies of any length and discuss them immediately. The website is using a blank UI with plenty of societal attributes like including buddies, private messages, forums, classes (where you may share your own videos and achieve more individuals) etc..

On the other hand, the hunt is not up to the mark that makes the surfing experience poor.

#5 Metacafe

Metacafe is your oldest participant in the movie websites and is live since 2003, even before YouTube came into existence. The website serves over 40 million unique visits each month.

The site of the website differs from each other movie website and classes are nicely framed for improved surfing experience.

Presently, Metacafe is not available for uploading fresh videos. (Reason Isn’t known to us)

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#6 provides amazing browsing experience. There is a lot of high-quality video content on the website from the classes ranging from cartoon, comedy, drama, films, entertainment technology, how to, news, sports etc..

Presently, isn’t available for new user registrations so that you won’t be able to upload anything but you can browse a lot of excellent content, find inspiration and learn new stuff.

#7 Vube

Vube is the most recent video sites we have on this list. The website went live in ancient 2013 and within a couple of months, It has attained in the listing of top 100 most visited sites on the planet. The website is forcing the huge quantity of traffic out of its competitive marketing approaches.

The UI of Vube is clean and simple to comprehend, the browsing experience is also adequate.The site is now running competitions to ensure the users generate content that is higher.If you’re looking for YouTube alternatives for consumer generated content then you have to give this website a go.


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