After Google, YouTube has been named as the most used search engine. This can be understood by the fact that if we don’t find anything on Google, we shift to YouTube to get some information about the issue. YouTube has given rise to a new career line named as vlogging and people have been shifting to this track to make a living. If you are the same person, we have added the tips on how one can use YouTube to improve the business and Buy youtube views that help  rank your videos perfectly to ensure more views.


There was a time when a number of views on YouTube made the video a hit or a miss. For example, if the video has 10 likes, it was considered failed and if it millions of  views, it was considered a successful one. However, over the past few years, the algorithms have improved and the number of minutes makes the video hit or a miss.

By the minutes, we are relating to the watch time of the video. For example, the videos that are a clickbait thing will have lower watch time as the users will interpret it within a few seconds. However, if the watch time extends one minute, this shows that there is something valuable in the video and it will be ranked higher on the platform.

Video Ranking

When we talk about the ranking of the video, it signifies that where the video pops up in the search engine result, at the top, in the middle, or in the end. When you play one video on YouTube, it will show the video suggestions in the section below an7d that has to be the most effective way to higher video ranking.

Then, there is the search option which will depict the success of your video ranking. If your video makes it to the first page, it is successful for sure. If convenient, you can also try ranking your video on Google. You can also use the SEO techniques to improve the ranking on the search engine as well as on YouTube. Once you have ranked the video effectively, you will get to earn more watch time on your videos.  However, if you implement something like affiliate marketing, you will get to earn money while you are in your sleeping! For ensuring the high ranking of the video, you need to put the focus on various points; but Buy youtube subscribers from legit vendor also help to improve your channel visibility . 


If you re someone who doesn’t think about the video title, tags, and content to write for the description, you will face a huge fail. This is because researching is important. SO before you sit down to post the video on your YouTube channel, make sure that you have developed everything beforehand. But make sure that you don’t use the crowded keywords as it can harness everything rather than improving the ranking.


Before outlining the content for your video, think about the title and your content should relate to the title. For example, if your title says “How To Change The Name Of Your Facebook Account”, make sure that your content is answering each aspect of that title. When you answer the queries in an effective manner, your video will not only rank higher but it will also portray that you are providing the value of viewer’s time that they are investing to watch the video.

Engagement, Tags & Session

When you stuff your videos and description and titles with keywords, you will have to develop the tags around it. Moreover, there is a session which signifies the video time and how long the video is. Then, there is an engagement rate which relates to the likes, comments, and shares of how your visitors take your videos. Engagement is actually the most important aspect because it allows the improvement in the video reach. When we talk about the ranking, you have to improve the ranking in the first 24 hours once you upload the video and after that, you will need to promote it for seven days. This is because, after seven days, the engagement will be set!

Go Live

Just like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube also allows the users to go live and if you think that you have a proper setup, you must go for it as it seems to generate more engagement and reach as compared to other videos.