Sites like Humble Bundle – There are very less websites which seems like Humble Bundle and is having a high platform for kindness along with volume purchasing.

This is a new step which is fortify the market of games along with giving its little part for a excellent cause.

To help the same, I am providing some other alternatives websites Humble Bundle who is also having the same article of faith & helps to donate something in the charity.

 Sites like Humble Bundle – Top 10 Alternatives

Sites like Humble Bundle

Sites like Humble Bundle

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Sites which are similar to the Humble Bundle deals in the books, games, and other stuffs also. I hope that on your next search you will follow or use these sites alternately top the other websites. So I am sharing the name and details of the websites which are similar to the Humble Bundle.

  • Flying Bundles

The top site which comes in the content of sites like Humble Bundle is the site which is called Flying Bundles. The site is like the Humble Bundle but it only works only in the games of bundles. The main concept of trading bundle is cheaper than the one game and that is because people are disposed to purchase it.

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  • Indie Gala

The next alternative of Humble Bundle is India Gala. This site deals in games bundle and you can’t believe that the bundle price of ten games is very cheap on this site. India Gala also provides single games but the price of those games is little high than the bundle games.

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  • Story Bundle

Story Bundle is a type of sites similar to the Humble Bundle for only books.  You don’t need to check out these kind of sites on your daily routine. By purchasing book from it, u don’t edifying yourself but you are giving something to others too.

It deals in the books which was written through the Indie author called Indie books. They are selling  books in the way of bundles but luckily you can also get the single book also.

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  • Groupees

The ttitle of Groupees is sufficient to get the statement which means “bundle of joy”. The gaming lovers and the main quality is that the price of bundle is very less per game which may shock your mind. You must be happy after knowing that the Groupees is not only provide games, it also provides offers on the music, comic books, and online e-books also.

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  • Bundle Star

Bundle stars is not a unique name inside the world of bundle where they sell the classy  games in the complete world. I’m really happy by giving you the collection of sites similar to the Humble Bundle. It accompany the concept of charity and ideology are being beneficial to spit over.

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  • Daily Indie Games

Coming to the next level of the website in the catalogue of similar websites like Humble Bundle is Daily Indie Games. The website tells it’s meaning in itself which says that it have wonderful features and cheap bundles of many combined games together. This is a site which have 10 bundles on screen and those all are with attractive offers and providing discount. Single bundle provides less features in the comparison of other websites. But the value of the products are quite good. You must have to know that the payment which you have made on this website is totally nonrefundable so be sure before purchasing anything.

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  • Lazy Guys Bundle

Don’t think about the name of this site, it doesn’t going to make you lazy but it is going to do more advanced. That’s why I given the name of this site here in the classification of alternative websites alike Humble Bundle. It only sells games and it doesn’t sell the songs, Books or any extra material. Thou must be happy after knowing about many types of offers which provide different- different discount which are showing on the site and if you are lucky than if you can buy a bundle at the cost of 3$.

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  • Cubic Bundle

Cubic Bundle is worked in a different manner which helps it to showcase the games in the way of bundles, seperate, and sometimes free also. Every bundle is a limited period of time. To get the offer you must have to visit this site on the regular basis where you never missed the attractive deals provided by the website. This site work with a strategy which is “pay what you want” & then it provides you the best deals of discount on the bundles of the game.

  • Bundle in a Box

As compare to the other sites which is given above, Bundle in a Box is the top most mannered and proper described website. It only provides some different features which was not provided by the others website. It have many kinds of game bundles who is  exceptional in such site of bundle. You have the option to select that what you want like RPG games, Mobile games, Puzzle games etc. You also have the other option like action game or the adventure game.

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  • Stack Social Bundle

This is the most distinct choice in the content of similar sites or alternative sites of Humble Bundle. As per the additional websites it also not dealing in the gaming or music and in any other similar stuff. But this site is really good for users. This works in different fields like it provide online course, certification, drones, programming and software or applications etc.

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